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.uk Domain Registration

Vital information
Note: Help for filling out the fields in this form can be found here.

Charges: GBP7.00 including VAT for a two year registration or renewal, payable by bank transfer (in advance, unless you're an existing customer). No charges for transfer in or out or maintenance of domains. Any changes of charges will be made clear in renewal notices prior to domain expiry, and through this website. Support provided via email to our ticketing system.

Complaints: (This doesn't happen, but Nominet require us to publish a procedure:) Customers dissatisfied with our service are should contact us via our support at email ticket system where we'll try to resolve any issues, and are entitled to transfer domains away without charge.

Note: By registering a .uk domain name, you enter into a contract of registration with Nominet UK on the following Terms and Conditions .

Important: The Domain Name to register can not be changed once registered.
The Registered For field can not be changed without performing a registrant transfer, for which a fee from Nominet applies. For domains for legal entities (eg companies or individuals), please enter the legal owners name in "Registered For", if the domain is for a club or other unincorporated body not related to a single individual, please enter the clubs name here.
I accept Nominets terms and Conditions: *
.uk Domain Name to Register: *
Registered For: *
Technical Information
Name Server 1: *
Name Server 2: *
Name Server 3:  
Name Server 4:  
Legal Registrant
Note: this is displayed in the public Whois database and is used to verify the Legal owner of a domain should a dispute arise.If you are registering a domain for someone else, this should contain their details.
Contact Name or Role: *
Trading Name: (if different than Registered For) ^
Organistion/Individual Type (Optional):  
Opt out of Whois: (only if individual) ^
Company Reg No or Reg Charity No: (if LTD/PLC/LLP/SCH) ^
reg-addr: *
reg-city: *
reg-country: *
reg-postcode: *
Your Details (Billing Contact)
Jump will use the following email address to make contact with our cutomer, e.g. to confirm renewals every two years.
Billing e-mail:  
Pre-pay token ID (Not sent to nominet):
Pre-pay token password (Not sent to nominet):
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